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Lavender, lavender, lavender! Where to begin with this one? The epitome of all things exotic and bougie (yep, that’s what it is!), TeaSwan presents to you the choicest, ‘Lavenderest’ Lavender flowers, dried to perfection while retaining that mesmerising aroma and fragrance. A pale purple beauty that fills vast pieces of land and magically transforms a place also in fact transforms your tea! Add a few of these petals to your hot cup of infusions and you are guaranteed to quite literally forget about your stresses and worries. The subtle yet apparent flavours of these delicate petals fills your cup and your mouth with fresh notes of mint and the more prominent flowery, sweet ones. We at TeaSwan respect the unique, enchanting colours of these charming flowers and only semi dry them to make sure the true, authentic hue of the blossoms still peek through. If we were you, we wouldn’t skip this one! Just saying.




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