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You may have been told by your doctor at some point to consume more fiber. This is typical for most Americans as only 5% of Americans the recommended fiber intake daily. The recommended intake of fiber is 16 grams through diet. Studies have found that you actually do not need to consume that amount if you are obtaining it through supplementation. Fiber is something the body needs to help with the digestive process.

There is insoluble fiber and soluble fiber. Insoluble fiber adds bulk to the stool to help with regular bowel movements. Soluble fiber helps draw water into the stool to prevent constipation. These are both equally important and should be consumed daily.

Pure Fiber gummies were made to help you get your daily amount of fiber. Pure Fiber gummies were made in gummy form so that you can have an easier time taking it. Plus that is one less pill you have to worry about. You can eat it like you eat the rest of your food and get the benefits of fiber as a result. We formulated them with both soluble and insoluble fiber so you can get the benefits of both. Two gummies a day keeps your doctor away!


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