Coffee Roasting Basics: Developing Flavor by Roasting

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Many people may believe that they’ve had the “best” coffee in the world whether it be from their favorite cafe, or the cup they make for themselves every morning. However, if flavor is subjective, how can you know if your favorite coffee is truly the best?

The coffee equipment manufacturer recently acquired by Brandon Miller has undergone rebranding and coffee technology upgrades

Santa Ana, Calif. – October 21, 2022 – Primo Roasting Equipment, a coffee roasting machine manufacturer, has successfully undergone an ownership transition, complete rebranding, and changes in operational efficiency to offer commercial roasters for coffee houses and cafés at a more affordable price.

In February of 2020, Primo Roasting was acquired by Brandon Miller, a young entrepreneur and successful business operator. Since undergoing new ownership, Primo Roasting has successfully been rebranded, modified, and upgraded to offer the best coffee equipment for less.

“Our premium coffee roasting equipment features a variety of customizable options, ensuring you get the best commercial roaster that suits your specific needs,” said Brandon Miller, CEO of Primo Roasting Equipment. “The coffee industry is often referred to as an old school and generic industry. Primo is on a mission to change this perception by providing chic equipment that is built to perform.”

The company’s coffee equipment is manufactured in the United States with zero outsourcing, allowing the manufacturer to provide high quality equipment at low costs.

Among its lineup of premium coffee equipment includes Genesis-Xr3, Ranger-Xr5, Raven-Xr15, Sentinel-Xr20, and Warden-Xr30. Customers can also custom-build their coffee roaster to best fit their roasting needs and design vision to create a product that will integrate seamlessly with the vibe of their coffee shop.

For more information on Primo Roasting Equipment, please visit www.Primoroasting.Com

About Primo Roasting Equipment

Founded in 1993, Primo Roasting Equipment is a coffee roasting machine manufacturer providing quality roasting equipment to coffee shops, cafés and small businesses for more than 30 years. Its products are manufactured solely within the U.S. And provide chic design at an affordable price point.

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