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Looking for something to help you through that cold dreary winter? Emperor Ying’s Feel Better Tea will certainly make the cold season a bit more manageable. High in vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals Emperor Ying’s tea will keep you from feeling worn down. Because it is high in antioxidants the Feel Better Tea will also give you that boost you need when you feel a cold coming on. Not only does Emperor Ying’s feel better tea rejuvenate you and promote better health, but it has a delicious refreshing Minty flavor as well.
Known for its amazingly clean crisp aroma, mint also aids in the treatment of asthma, congestion, allergies, as well as many digestive issues. Mint can also naturally induce sweating when taken with fever, naturally bringing the body temperature down. Make sure that when this tea is steeped, it is covered to prevent valuable volatile oils from evaporating.

Jamie R. says this about Feel Better T”I just had to share with everyone that Emperor Ying tea is a staple item in my house. The minute one of us starts with a cold, it’s the first thing we reach for. Without the medicinal side effects, the next day we wake up better. It’s just awesome!”

Serve it up nice and hot in the winter to soothe and relax you. Throw it over some ice in the summer and the cold minty fresh taste will perk you up and keep you going. Don’t wait until you feel bad to try it, enjoy Emperor Ying’s feel-good herbal tea anytime!
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